March 2018 1st Cycle Downtimes submitted

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March 2018 1st Cycle Downtimes submitted

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The listed people have submitted downtimes for first cycle. If you believe you should be on this list and are not please contact staff via staff email. If you would like consideration for some reason to submit a late downtime please contact staff.

Brian Amell
Michael Beasely
Rachel Cofield
Zack Curvin
Sorden Hiraoka
Kelly Kuban
Scott Kuban
Linda Malis
Matthew Malis
Joie Martin
Katherine Moore
Christina O’Brien
Dillon O’Brien
Abby Petersen
Merry Petersen
Tanner Rives
Jon Sanderson
Anna Sharpton
Lissa Taylor
Mads VanVickle
Tevin Williams
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