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Feedback Clarification

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Hey all! We wanted to take a few moments to clarify a few things we had several questions about in feedback. Without further ado:

Empowered Knacks
With 3.0, we decided to make releasing a Knack to the public automatically grant the Empowered text of that Knack without further Invention required. To be clear, PCs always needed to research Empowered effects for their Knacks before 3.0, much as in our sister game, Garden of Destinies. However, we chose to move this direction as a way to make the choice between going public and staying private more interesting, as well as to reduce confusion for new players when they are reviewing their options.

Infrastructure Complications
There was some confusion regarding the new Infrastructure System and its Complications. Fear not: negative Complications on Infrastructure will not totally ruin your project, nor even remove PP; they are simply a little more narratively heavy than your average Complication.

Module Boxes
We forgot to mention these during opening ceremonies at Welcome to Possum Trot. This was not on purpose; it was, in fact, our bad. We’ll be sure to mention them for our new players’ sake at opening ceremonies moving forward!
Initiating Investigations
Please feel free to tag a staff member at any time that they are out of play to ask about an Investigation you’d like to do -- we don’t bite, at least not while OOC! We might not be able to run it for you right then and there, but we’ll file it away and get the right person to your table ASAP. Also, remember that there’s no penalty for attempting an Investigation that is invalid, so be bold and give it a shot if it catches your fancy.

It’s a little ambiguous in the 3.0 rules (we’ll be fixing it), but Flunkies now give their responses only during the 1st Downtime Cycle. Don’t expect Flunky responses during Cycle Two, because you won’t get them!

Character Sheets and Databases
Many of you have asked about your character sheets. Well, we have good news: we’re building a to-purpose database for After the End! While we’re working on that, please track your CP gain and expenditures on your own, whether via the Google Sheets placed in your sheets or via any other documentation you enjoy -- just make sure it’s placed in your character folder. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to email us.

That’s it! Thanks for reading! ♥
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