Feb 2019 pre game announcements

Official Announcements about After the End.

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Feb 2019 pre game announcements

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February 2019 Possum Trot Pre Game Announcements

Please fill out this attendance form:
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... sp=sf_link

As is traditional, the money hole is open here and will accept tribute until game: https://squareup.com/market/freestyle-science
Game is $75 for returning players, $30 for new players. (The payment link states $65 for returning players on Square. This is because food is $10 for the weekend. Do not panic.) If you are a new player, use discount code NEW PLAYER. If you have 2 new players, use coffee 2NEWPLAYER. If you are driving more than 300 miles to site, use code DISTANCE.

If you are a new player and haven’t completed the food allergy form, please do so before game!
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... sp=sf_link
Food for the weekend is $10 and is covered in the costs listed above, but make sure to select it so the money hole knows. If you have special food storage needs, contact Merry, our Tavern Wizard Supreme, to discuss storage, as it is limited at site. All of her Tavern Decrees are upheld as law and can only be challenged in ritualistic combat.

Game On/Game Off
This is a privately owned site, so feel free to show up any time after 12PM on Friday to get a feel for the layout. From Friday at 6 PM on, the Saloon will be an area for soft RP for returning players. If you want to unwind and chat with friends OOP, we ask that you do that outside of the Saloon.
Opening ceremonies will be at 11 PM to give everyone time to get to site, and ‘official’ content will start after that. If you are a newbie and are arriving after 11, please contact us so we know when to expect you.
Game off will be at 3 PM on Sunday, with us aiming to be off-site by 4 PM.

When you arrive at site, please park in the open field before you get to the Saloon. Feel free to drive to your cabin to unload first!

The monster shift preference form will be posted Friday, 2/8.
Please complete this form by Thursday 2/14 at midnight, monster shifts will be announced Friday morning.
New players DO NOT need to monster.

Nerf Guns/Ammo Policy
AtE allows non-modded, single-fire clip- or revolver-style NERF guns. If you have any questions about your gun’s legality, please contact us via email or the Discord. We encourage you to paint your guns but that should not be looked at as a barrier -- only guns with Qualities are required to be painted. If your gun has a Quality, it must be painted. Included in the price of your game is a small fee to cover darts, which are purchased and maintained by staff. We ask that players avoid bringing or purchasing their own personal darts for games unless they use custom ammo (and even then, we can order some for you, so please contact us) and instead avail themselves of a communal ammo bucket we will be supplying. There will be one in the Saloon and one in MT. If you have any questions regarding Ammo Bucket Logistics (TM) please email us. All ammo bucket ammo will be streamline, z strike, or accustrike darts.

New Players
If you are a new player and have not yet submitted a character, please do so soon. We can help you build one if you need assistance, so please don't hesitate to contact us! You do not need to sign up for a monster shift. Your newbie module will be occurring after opening ceremonies, though if you are arriving late we will have a separate module for you. We will be conducting a safety briefing and rules discussion in MT after opening ceremonies - around 11 PM. (Though time may vary based on traffic.)

Sleep and Business Setup
The Saloons and most cabins will be PC areas, so there’s plenty of beds to choose from. The sign up sheet will be posted on Feb 8th. If you need a quiet area to sleep or other medical considerations, please contact us at staff@aftertheendlarp.com. If you are running a business at game, please contact us at the email above for location selection. All rooms have mattresses and blankets, though we advise you bring a light sheet if you run hot, as the blankets can be warm. The rooms also have AC and heaters.

Current rough estimates look like highs will be in the mid-50s, and lows in the mid-40s, though this will change throughout the week and we will update the weekend before game. There also looks to be a good chance of scattered showers over the weekend, so please pack accordingly!

Drinking Policy
As this is a privately owned site, and we are a western game, we will be allowing drinking during non-combat hours (between 1 AM and 9 AM) in moderation. You must bring your own drinks; there will be no drinks provided by staff. All alcohol is to be stored behind the bar when not in use. No players under 21 will be permitted to drink under any circumstances, and no players should drink to the point of compromised judgement. You are responsible for all of your actions whether drinking or not, and abuse of this policy will result in immediate disciplinary action. Drinking is not permitted anywhere except the bar area. If you have any health concerns of any kind regarding exposure to alcohol please contact Staff so we can ensure that game will be safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.
You do not need to use an Indulgence to represent your drink unless you would like the IP benefit of such, as it will not otherwise grant any benefits.

Discord Server
We have a Discord server! You can join it here: https://discord.gg/UDhK53v
There is an IP channel as well as places for OOP discussion/questions. We recommend you download the app before game if your phone is capable.
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