2019 Beginning of Year Rules Update

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2019 Beginning of Year Rules Update

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Hey all! It's time for everyone's favorite thing: RULES CHANGES! Thankfully, this year's are every bit as minor as last year's were comprehensive, so you shouldn't need to relearn much, if at all. Without further ado, here's our changelog!

Horde Rules: Horde Rules were a huge hit in feedback, so we've streamlined and revised them and officially added them to the end of the Combat section in the rulebook.

Spread: While not as universally loved, we saw a mostly positive reception for Spread and have decided to slightly refine it and add it to the toolbox. You can find the final version as a Supercall in Conditions+Taglines.

Third Callings: After much feedback and review, we determined that 20CP for Third Callings was way, way, way too much. 20 CP too much, in fact. That's right -- your Third Calling is now ABSOLUTELY FREE. The restriction of purchasing it after your first game still applies, as does the fact that taking a third Calling renders you incompatible with Mutation. Furthermore, once taken, there is no going back on this choice, even with end of year respecs.

Shotgun Quality: This Quality has been changed to interact with the new Spread Supercall. The previous Mortal Strike effect was moved over to...

High Caliber Quality: ... the High Caliber Quality! The previous effect remains.

Those with Shotguns who are not fond of the new effect should email us so we can arrange a change. Those with High Caliber need not, as this was a strict buff.

Habits: We made a number of revision. To wit: the Antiquarian, Buckskin, Old Scratch, and Touched Habits now require merely "Drifters" rather than members of the same Calling, and the Gearhead, Einstein, and Tenderfoot Habits now cost only 1 MU to activate.

Various Clarifications: We made a number of tiny tweaks to wording for clarity, such as with Deadeye 3/5 and the Academics skill in general.

Special Ranged Combat Mechanic - Mindset: Initially, we placed this as a way to prevent all gun-using combat characters feeling pressured to pick up both Deadeye and Gunfiightin'. After feedback, review, and observation, we no longer feel this is necessary. So -- it's gone. That's it! Just gone! It is an ex-mechanic!

This is more of a note than anything, so bear with me. If you're only interested in changes currently implemented, consider yourself done reading riiiiiiiiiiight... now.

Up until this year, we've been keeping Mutations as our only "FOIP" mechanic. Along with this, we have been developing Mutations only as they are discovered. Our thought process with this was two-fold: one, we could tailor it to some extent to match the legacy and aesthetics of its first adopter; two, we could use the newest level of understanding of the system that we possessed when writing each Mutation. However, this has caused more grief than it has generated quality.

As a result, we intend to, before the end of 2019, *fully develop, write-up, and publish* the mechanics of all "core" Mutations for public viewing. Note that this does not include player-created Mutations that have not been released.

Alright folks, that's it! Thanks for reading, and see all'a'y'all on the ol' dusty trot next week.
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